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Your 2011 Word: Dead or Alive?

Sun illuminating 2011 word

Is your 2011 word shining like the sun illuminating your path?  Is it like a star guiding you on the perfect course?

Is your 2011 perfect, powerful word dead or alive?

At the beginning of the year, many of us chose one word (or two or a phrase) as as an alternative to New Year’s Resolutions.  This special word was meant to capture our aspiration for the coming year in a simple but compelling way.

The halfway mark of the year floated by a little while back.  It’s a good time to check in on your 2011 word.   Is it continuing to serve and spark you?   Or, has it dissolved into thin air?

By the way, there’s nothing wrong if it’s vanished into space.  It’s just helpful to notice that and look at why that might be.  It may not be the right approach for you.  Or it may be a sign of a deeper blockage beckoning to you.

My 2011 Word

My 2011 word – HEALING – is sizzling like a hot fire.  It’s crackling.  It’s popping.  It’s sparkling.  I feel like I’m exploring healing in the deepest and most profound sense of the word.  My reflections center around these two questions.

  • What is true healing?
  • Do I believe in healing?

Although there are many creative ways to engage with our word – which I shared in the first article in this series, I’ve approached my word simply.  I’ve let my word percolate and bubble up.  It seems to have a vibrant life of its own!

You and Your 2011 Word

How about you and your word?

  • Is your 2011 word still front and center in you life?
  • Has the approach of choosing one word (or two or a phrase) worked well for you?
  • Have you encountered challenges working with a single word?
  • If not, have you found a better approach for you?

I would love to hear your experience working with one word or phrase as an alternative to New Year’s Resolutions.  We can all learn from each another and help one another move through stumbling blocks or chose a better path.  Thank you for leaving your thoughts, suggestions, insights, and experiences in the comments.

If this is a new idea for you, it’s never too late to get started.  

The first article below offers an abundance of ideas for choosing your word or phrase and interacting with it in creative ways.  The follow-up articles are further inspiration to help you continue with the process.  The comments to these articles also offer a treasury of support and ideas.


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  1. Wow I really like the concept of one word to contemplate. I think the word I would have chosen would have been freedom. I can correlate my mood and feeling with whether I feel expansive and have choice or whether some thought, mood or reallty is limiting me in some fashion.

    • Riley,

      I love your word! My problem is that I fall in love with everyone’s word! “Freedom” is a pretty special one those. I like the way you connect it with feeling expansive.

  2. Hi Sandra, I also chose healing and it’s definitely still in the forefront for me. I don’t have many answers, but I have a lot of questions! Here are some:

    What is the difference between mental and physical healing?
    Which comes first?
    Is there a difference or is that illusory?
    Does healing end or is it lifelong?
    How much effort should I spend healing?
    How much rest is good and how much is counterproductive?
    Are humans really meant to be “retired” or do we need a “job” of some kind?

    • Those are fabulous questions, Jennifer! I have the feeling that working with those questions will take you a long way.

      I’m discovering that the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of healing are all interconnected. I think everyone’s path to healing is different as well as the balance of all these elements in the process. It’s an amazing individual discovery process.

      One day I will write about my insights on healing. I look forward to reading yours too as they emerge.

  3. My word is wait. The first months were mostly on how to actively wait; praying, meditating,reading,seeking. Now I am in a passive place. I am simply—being—in His presence.

    • That’s beautiful, Patricia. I really appreciate the feeling and sense of what you’ve written. Thank you.

  4. Money was my word of the year. I wanted to change my relationship to money, to stop my negative attitudes from blocking it. What happened was a shift in my decision making. It isn’t about “what makes the most money?” It’s about “what’s in my best interests? What will help me thrive?” Consequently, I’ve made some bold life-affirming choices this year, which is leading to more more and better choices for income, as well. Bonus territory: better health, too. I’d say so far so good, got a ways to go yet, but definitely on the right track!

    • That’s amazing, Meg. It seems like focusing on the word “money” helped you make the shift you needed to make. I get a strong sense from reading your blog that you are really manifesting and all the outcomes like more money and better health all seem a magnificent part of the process. I’m so inspired by your story. And, I’m so happy for your shift.

  5. Hi Sandra,
    My 2011 word is “simplicity”. I enjoy the process of choosing a word for the year..allowing the intent in it to guide my creations. This particular word is very front and center in my life and turned out to be incredibly life changing as it morphed recently into “simply be”. My original intent was to “learn” simplicity by experiencing it within my life. To clear any clutter on all levels, to be transparent in relations, to allow for quality over quantity.
    In the past few months, though, these changes became a practice, a way of life..and now it is all under “simply be”. I have “given permission” to my self to simply be, which allows me to experiment, explore, experience without fear or self criticism or doubt..Within this permission, I have refined my life’s purpose to: simply be love. When I released my expectation around “simplicity” it unfolded into something far more magnificent than I could have imagined 🙂

    • Dearest Joy,

      It’s fascinating to see the evolution of your world. It seems like it started out on a somewhat practical level and then went far, far deeper. I love the idea of simply being. The idea of being able to explore without fear, self-criticism, or doubt is appealing! Your life’s purpose – to simply be love – is perfect for you. I am see the power of love more and more and hope to grow in it myself. So happy to hear your experience.

  6. I had to look back at the original post to find out what my word was! So, I guess you know that I have not been focusing on it. It was bold.

    While not directly focusing on it, it IS how I have been living my life and guides my decisions these days. I refuse to make fear based choices or to live too much in my comfort zone.

    If I had to choose now I would choose the word possibility. OK….going forward going to focus on bold possibility and fill my life with it!

    Welcome back to cyberword. How was the sabbatical?

    • Debbie,

      I find it so fascinating how once we set the intention the word’s power seems to unfold even when we aren’t working with it consciously. That’s quite a courageous aspiration. I want to say that I much prefer my comfort zone, but actually I’ve been pushing my limits too and realizing the comfort zone was an illusion of sorts. I’m looking forward to seeing how bold possibility manifests in your life.

      The sabbatical was fabulous and very restorative. I’ll be writing about it and posting the article on Sunday.

  7. Hi Sandra,
    My word for the second half of the year ( I switched) is ‘soften.’ I want to soften my words, my ways, my choices etc. So far I’m doing pretty good. Hubs has my permission to say my word when I need it;) Because he does it in a loving way it helps me to grow and my life lessons become easier.

    • Hi Tess!

      Soften is a word I could use too since my nickname used to be “fierce creature.” 🙂 I’m so happy you have such a fantastic partnership with your husband to allow his support in this way. It takes a lot of course and “boldness” on your part too. You really have guts.

  8. Hi Sandra,

    This is a fabulous idea! We, the bloggers, are all WORDs lovers…. we know the power of them and we learn through them. Sometimes writen words have more devastating effects than many spoken ones, I speak by experience. The opposite is also true: the joy and excitment they can bring to our lives.

    Now… I think I’m with you on this as I elect “Healing” as my very first part of 2011 word too. I add a second one: “Discovery”. And by Discovery I mean: discovering the power within myself to believe that nothing is impossible, discovering how to not react, to not act impulsively and to learn to live the Now without questioning, and above all the discovery to give friendship and love unconditionaly… a super human challenge!

    The Human behaviour will probably never be understood, ever.

    I will check your suggestions soon, I just felt I wanted to comment this as I read your post.

    Happy August!
    Tree Spirit ~~~

    • Hi dear Tree Spirit,

      So true how written words can be damaging! It’s something to really keep in my as we blog. One can slip down a slippery path sometimes!

      These are amazing aspirations you have and it’s wonderful to see how they are unfolding for you. I would like to have those discoveries in my life too.

      I think it’s perfect to follow our words and allow them to evolve into new words and new directions. I think my word is slowly morphing too. I’m still waiting to see how it evolves. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • You’re very welcome!

        I feel I’m a newbie in the art of Being but the more I read and interact with other people’s visions (like yourself) the more clear is the picture in my mind: there is a way out. We just need to choose our words very carefully ~~~ and our actions ~~~ and our thoughts.

        All the best!

  9. Oh… I forgot to mention my Word for the second part of 2011: Mental Relaxation.
    Sorry… it’s two, but can’t help it! Lol!

  10. Welcome back after your break. How was it? My word this year is Yield. I can go for periods without thinking much about it, but it has clearly been my guiding principle this year, whether I’m consciously thinking about it or not. I seem to catch myself just as I’m starting to force or push, trying to control. Then I can just release, belly breathe, meditate, read, or whatever is helpful. So my word is alive and well!

    • Beautiful! I love the way yield is manifesting in your life. It’s interesting how once we set the intention, we don’t necessarily have to think of the word consciously all the time. I’m not suggesting that we forget it entirely, but just observing how it seems to work for some of us.

  11. Sandra,
    I forgot about my word and had to go back and check what I wrote on your New year’s Resolution word post. I wrote Serenity, and the funny thing is I was going to say, my word is Gutsy. How could I have picked two such opposing words?

  12. Sonia,

    Maybe there’s a special message there for you? Balancing serenity and gutsy. I hear that in your latest post on authenticity, which is so probing and meaningful!

  13. Hi Sandra,

    I am still aware of my theme – “Joy and Abundance,” and interestingly, I experienced more joy in the early part of the year. What’s coming up here, mid-year, is letting go of fear. Which, of course, is essential before I can truly welcome and “enjoy” joy. It’s ok with me that the focus has switched, because I’ve had some major insights into my fear, and come across a lot more willingness to let it go. It’s pretty exciting!

    Thanks for checking in with us, it’s good to hear others’ perspectives and progress.


  14. Hi Linda,

    Sounds like you are perfectly on track! Naturally, our words will bring us challenges like difficult emotions for us to work our way through. I’m so excited that you have had major insights into your fear and feel more open to letting it go. That’s fabulous. I applaud your diligent efforts!

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your progress.

  15. Hi Sandra, my 2011 words are “keep moving”. It’s been a while since I realized
    not to let myself get stuck on the past and all it’s frustrations and negativity.

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