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Summer Is for Experiments!

Summer Dreams

Do you have designs for the summer?  Dreams you would like to come true?

A change of season is the perfect time to realign with your true purpose and hear your heart’s dream.  Be wild, be willy.  Be lazy or adventurous.  Experimental or sentimental.  Volunteer, help a neighbor, or get more sustainability.  Recall long-lost fantasies or chart a new course.  Let the summer unfold a new you and a new me.

It’s easy to lose track of our goals and get the wrong things done.   For example, your aim may be to be aimless, but you get busy instead.  Or you fritter away the time losing site of that one important goal.  It’s happened to me and I bet it’s happened to you.

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What Is Genuine Spirituality?

Recently, this tweet from @paulocoelho appeared in my tweet stream:

Spirituality is not only praying and meditating. It is anything we do with enthusiasm.”

Almost everyone loved this!  But my alarm bells went off.

I didn’t know anything about Paulo Coelho at the time.  Yes, I’m out of it.  I’ve since learned he’s a prolific writer with over a million twitter followers.  Not knowing the man, this clearly isn’t a comment about him, his work, or his philosophy.  I’m sure he’s contributed positively to many people’s lives.

It was just this particular tweet that didn’t sit well with me.

Among all the enthusiastic retweets, there was a lone questioner:

@ywhtvr: “Is that so? Hmm..”

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How to Practice Loving Kindness

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”Rumi

Love is not a luxury, it is a vital nutrient of life.  Without love, life is like a hard, stale loaf of bread.   Tasteless and hard to swallow.

Love is medicine, a magical antidote to fear and anger, and the way to heal yourself and the world.  If you want to change the world for the better, the best place to start is by loving yourself.

“Whoever loves himself, will never harm another.”  – Buddha

All the love you need already exists within you.  As Rumi suggests, our task is to unblock the spring of love that already exists within.  The practice of loving kindness provides a gentle, proven, and systematic framework for doing just this.

In the first article of this two-part series, we explored how elusive self-love may sometimes seem.  So much so that we might not even be aware of its lack in our life.  Yet it makes itself known through an array of unhappy and unhealthy behaviors.

But we’re not stuck.  Through the practice of loving kindness, we can unlock the love inside and transform our uneasiness into kindness, contentment, and peace.

Today we’ll explore the ins and outs of loving kindness practice.

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You Are Not Your Brain: Book Review

Book Review: You Are Not Your Brain, The 4-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life by Jeffrey Schwartz, M. D. and Rebecca Gladding, M. D.

You Are Not Your Brain is a brilliant guide to understanding and transforming what the authors call “deceptive brain messages” – our well worn repetitive stories that lead to fear, worry, bad habits, low-self esteem, unhealthy behaviors, stuck patterns, and other dysfunctional impulses, feelings, and actions.

While it’s not groundbreaking news that it’s possible to change unhealthy beliefs and dysfunctional habits, most people still find it extremely difficult to do so.

What makes this book stand out is the way the authors – two neuroscience experts – describe in clear, lay person terms the precise brain biology that creates these faulty messages and how the very way the brain functions makes it extremely difficult though not impossible to change them.

Having this knowledge in hand coupled with their well explained set of research-proven techniques, empowers you to conquer these unhelpful messages and harmful behaviors once and for all.

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Navigating Change with Confidence & Ease

Does it seem like someone turned the stir and shake button on high lately?  Have you received unexpected news?  Do you feel extra emotional?  Frayed by the intensity in the air?  Does time seem accelerated or has it slowed down?

It’s eclipse season.

Eclipses often herald sudden change in our lives.  It’s unusual to have three eclipses in a month’s time, but that’s precisely what’s happening right now.

  • June 1:  Partial Solar Eclipse
  • June 15:  Total Lunar Eclipse
  • July 1:  Partial Solar Eclipse

Eclipses arrive to help us change and grow.  With so much eclipse activity in play, almost everyone will be seeing shifts this time around.

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The True Path to World Domination

Some seek to dominate the world.  I seek to dominate my mind and heart.

“Tertön Sogyal, the Tibetan mystic, said that he was not really impressed by someone who could turn the floor into the ceiling or fire into water.  A real miracle, he said, was if someone could liberate just one negative emotion.” – The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

When you conqueror your mind, your perceptions, and your heart, you conqueror the world.  Empires come and go.  Wisdom lasts forever.

[Yes, this was sparked by all the buzz around the World Domination Summit.  It’s not a criticism of the event or the organizers.  It’s simply my take on world domination.]

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