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Innocence, Purity, and Fun

I’m in love with a singing watermelon!

I can’t tell you how much this short video made my day.  Yes, it’s John Denver and the Muppets.   They infiltrated my day with three minutes of innocence, purity,  joy and fun.  Many thanks to @GaryJordan for tweeting the link.

In this crazy, troubled world, it often seems like we’ve lost our innocence.  But perhaps we can snatch it back, 3 minutes at a time.

Dare to be silly!  Watch and listen to The Garden Song.  Then please tell us what you do to recapture innocence and purity in your life.


Please share the joy by using the share button below.  And, I would love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks so much for your support!  Sandra


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  1. Sandra,
    Thanks for bringing back the memories of Muppets and John Denver. Purity and innocence is a gift my two year old grandson Henri brings to me on a platter! My daughter has been singing to him since the day he was born. He knows at least 10 songs by heart anl belts them out often and wants everyone to join in. At this stage everything he says and does is cute and joyful. Good for another 10 years! By then my 17 year old I’m sure will bless me with a great grandchild. LOL

    I think running also brings back a primitive, child like joy, innocence and purity for me as well.
    And flowers, we had acres of flowers that we grew on the farm. I went on to have my own flower biz while raising the girls. Echard Tolle mentions what the first flower must have been like in his book.
    Thanks for the link love. I appreciate you. xoxo

    • You’re well accomplish in the fun and joy department! I love the ideas you offer in your comment. It’s too late for me to have a baby or grandchild, but I enjoy our kitties immensely. I never considered flowers as an infuser of innocence, but it’s true that we are drawn to their beauty in non-verbal ways. Thanks so much for this rainbow of ideas!

  2. *just smiles and smiles* There’s a video from Sesame Street where Andrea Bocelli sings a lullaby to Elmo that delights me to no end too!! 🙂 Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. 🙂 Here’s to finding joy and smiles in all kinds of places.

  3. I’m a big fan of silly. Fortunately it appears to be genetic, as my whole tribe likes silly. The first records I heard (Mom’s) were classical and Spike Jones, which she had in equal amounts. I gravitated toward cartoons in all kinds of media. Now I can see the cartooney side of almost anything. We’re all puppets of something, and it does not sadden me. I just try to be more cuddly and plush than spiky and grumpy.
    Here’s an “earworm” from one of those ’60s Italian “mondo” movies. The Muppets did cover versions of it later:

    • I’m afraid I missed those genes, but it looks like silly may be, at least in part, possible to learn! I love the idea of being more cuddly and plush than spiky and grumpy! Thanks for the link to this upbeat melody.

    • Mikey I just watched one of the covers versions the Muppets did. I like it better then the Mondo movie version. BTW What the the heck is a “mondo” movie anyway. 60’s well I didn’t show up on this planet until 68. That means I wasn’t around to see them. Not exactly an Italian movie fan anyway. Whenever I hear mention of Italian movie I automatically think those horrible Mafia movies lik the Godfather bunch. I think I’ll go bac
      k and listen to more muppets and get that horrible thought out of my mind.

      • Mondo movies were just originally an Italian genre that went worldwide (they made mondo movies here by ’65) in the early ’60s. The first was oscar-winner Mondo Cane. They feature clips of unusual rituals and subcultures to show how strange, amusing and wonderful the range of odd human behavior expresses itself in culture. Remote Amazonian tribes, aborigines, voodoo, Santeria, odd art and dance, believe-it-or-not type stuff. It’s a kind of tribal TMZ from 45 years ago, in exploitation movie form, with cheery, happy, goofy music and editing.

        • Thanks Mikey for answering my dumb questions. Interesting I would not have even thought that they had such sort of things before Ripley’s Believe or Not.

  4. Stella

    That really put a smile on my face! I’ve had a very difficult day at work but I have just spent a couple of hours tending my garden in the comapny of my cat. Although she’s getting old now, she really enjoys spending time out in the garden with me. She chases and scampers about like a kitten.
    Thank you, as always Sandra.

    • Stella,

      That makes me happy! I’m sorry you had a difficult day at work. You cat clearly enjoys your time in the garden too. My garden and my kitties also bring me a special joy. Thanks for leaving your positive thoughts. May you have a perfect day today and tomorrow and forever.

  5. What a wonderful way to start my day, that is beautiful. I think how I start my day with a beach walk is one of the ways i recapture my innocence as it reminds me of holidays and being a child at play

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Suzie! There are so many different ways to recapture our innocence. The beach walk sounds so perfect for you.

  6. Wow!! It brings joy to know I just brought joy be linking something I either saw as a child or just discovered. I’ll have to see the Elmo lullaby before I go and have my cornea transplant operation today.

    I found that playing with the special needs teenager/adults when I was volunteering help me me a little less cranky. also I got to do the music circle time thing. Gee what a surprise as I always loved to sing. I would borrow the cd’s rip them to my hard drive and memorize them so I could share the love of music and the joy of living with them.

    The thing I’m happen to start doing again to chase the crankies and meanies away is to sing as I walk. Let’s John Denver tunes and more John Denver tunes. Okay I like his music a lot

    Have a wonder filled day.

    • Absolutely, Gary. I’ve listened to several times and even listened to it with my husband. Now it’s on my blog where I can easily go back and listen to it again when I need a lift up. Plus, I can pass the joy you gave to me on to others.

      Play and music are great ways to infuse our life with joy. It’s not my natural tendency, but I’m getting better at it.

      John Denver does exude a special sense of wholesomeness. Seeing him on the video, in particular, made me wonder what happened to the innocence.

      Thank you so much, Gary.

  7. loved loved loved it reminds me of my rainbow days when i never had a care in the world and all i had to worry about was getting up on time for school where has the time gone ????
    especially like the two grumpy old men at the end cant remember their names but i have a garden ornament of them still lol
    cheers for brightening up my day

  8. So happy you enjoyed this. Yes, it did prompt me to also wonder where those days have gone and how to bring them back, at least in little snippets like this! Be well and good luck with your project.

  9. Sandra!
    How sweet and fun to start my morning with this!! And I’m all for fun (and silly!), so this just is extra goodness for me!!


  10. I always have a soft spot for the muppets.

    One of my all-time favorite Christmas specials is Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.

  11. I just loved watching the Muppets with my kids… thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    The one place I can always get a little silly at is the beach. I feel free and more at ease there than anyplace. Occasionally, when my hubby and I are strolling along, we’ll just randomly start skipping… it’s so liberating to be kid-like for a minute.

    • That’s so interesting that the beach inspires silliness in you and Suzie too. I love the image of your skipping along with your husband. Oh what joy!

  12. Oh, that was fun! It reminded me first of my Aspen days in the late 60s early 70s when John Denver was singing Rocky Mountain High. Also made me think of my two favorite celebrity appearances on Sesame Street–Patti LaBelle singing “You got to take the hand of someone you love before you cross the street,” and Savion Glover dancing to “I got a new way to walk.” I wonder if those are on YouTube. I’ll check it out. Thanks for a fun time with singing flowers and veggies.

  13. Me again! Here is the link to the Patti LaBelle video–the end is the best part.

    Couldn’t find the other one.

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