Meditation By the LakeThese days every Tom, Dick, and Harry – and even Eloise – blogs about how to meditate.

They read a book and try out a few sessions.  Suddenly they are an “expert”.  Some even mix and match and make up their own meditations.  Then they present you with “10 Easy Steps to a Brilliant Meditation” or the like.

I don’t mean to be overly harsh.  I know people have good intentions, but do they really have the necessary experience to guide you effectively?

Their blog post might give you a good start on meditation.  Their instructions may help you to some degree, but they won’t necessarily take into account what meditation really is.  They often don’t provide a gradual path for coming to know your own mind.  And, they may be useless when you meet challenges in your meditation attempts, which will indeed occur.

Meditation is simple in one sense.  Anyone can learn to meditate and it will help you enormously.  Calmness, clarity, happiness, and freedom are some of the many positives you are likely to experience from meditation.  You can also gain improvements in blood pressure, a reduction in pain or stress, and a number of other health benefits.  Meditation has the power to bring so much comfort and ease into your life.

Nuances in Meditation

But bear in mind, there are many nuances in mediation.  There are many subtle levels of mind.  Ego is mischievous in its attempts to deter you from calm abiding and clear seeing.

Momentary experiences of bliss, clarity, and absence of thought can lead you in the wrong direction.  There are typical obstacles that can and will arise when you try to cultivate mindfulness and awareness.  These challenges are far easier to understand and overcome when you have an experienced guide.

I’ve been practicing and studying meditation for twenty years. I’ve found that an experienced guide is like the difference between day and night compared to a novice or dilettante.

Fortunately, there are many genuine, skilled meditation teachers in the West.

You can enjoy a taste of real meditation instruction through the following selection of short video pieces – just a few minutes in length – with any one of four eminent meditation teachers.  They include Jon Kabat Zinn, Khandro Rinpoche, Mingyur Rinpoche and Sogyal Rinpoche – a mix of East and West, male and female.  Of course, there are many other excellent teachers too.

Just follow the link below and watch any of the “Videos on Meditation” listed on right-hand side of the Sound and Vision page at the What is Meditation Blog.  This is the link followed by a selection of the topics covered.

Videos on Meditation (link)

  • Settling the Mind
  • What Meditation Really Is
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • Learning How to Be
  • The Value of Silence
  • Meditation Advice for Beginners
  • No Quick Fix
  • No More Soap Operas


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