I’ve been following 30 Days of Getting Results the Agile Way, a free 30-day online program presented by J. D. Meier, a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft patterns & practices team.

The results have been fantastic, the program easy to follow, the approach inspiring and fun.  I highly recommend it to you.

The program is about finding and following your path to becoming an “unstoppable, creative force for your best results.” Here’s a brief overview from J. D.,

“In a nutshell, Getting Results the Agile Way is a simple system for meaningful results.  To put it another way, it’s a personal results system for work and life.   The personal piece is important.  It’s about empowering YOU to be YOUR best.

It’s time to get skilled in the art of results and learn proven strategies and tactics for making the most of what you’ve got.   This will help you make important shifts.”

Over the first week, I learned an extremely simple planning process that is applicable to any and all aspects of life or work.  For me, some of the greatest gains are coming from learning about boundaries:  what they are, how to create and implement them, and how to let go of everything else.

J. D. is guiding us through the process with day-to-day instructions, simple homework, and clarification via comments.  His explanations are crystal clear and his examples highly illustrative.  J. D.’s  playful spirit brings a sense of enthusiasm, relaxation, and joy to the endeavor.

If you are interested in meaningful results, fresh starts, flexibility, action rather than over-planning, and boundaries instead of burnout, you might like to recharge and renew yourself with this program.

Although the process has been underway for a week, it’s not too late to jump in. As J. D. says,

The system is designed to be easy to get started, and easy to get back on, if you fall off.  Just showing up is the first step.

Get a taste of 30 Days of Results by reading the initial overview (link above), read the first week of articles starting with the Day 1 Tour, and join us on tomorrow (Monday, August 9)  for the remaining three weeks.

I’m finding this a remarkable opportunity, one not to be missed!

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