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The Power of One

Lists seem to be popular these days on personal development blogs like:  67 Personal Development Pitfalls to Avoid.  It’s understandable that people like lists in this busy, fast-paced society.  A list gives information a shape—a sense of being organized, manageable, and accessible.

The problem for me is that I often resonate with so many points on a list like this that I don’t know where to start.  Or, actually, where to stop.

This stirred me to consider the power of one.

What would be the one change, the one action, the one commitment, or the one pitfall to avoid that would be the keystone for me?  The one that would leverage others as well. What’s core for me?  What’s just one focus I could carry with me for this entire week or even this entire month or year?

I had quite an ‘ah-ha’ moment with this contemplation as it went right to the heart of what I need.

If you are busier at work than all get out, managing an active household, easily overwhelmed, or have the limited energy of chronic illness maybe just one is exactly what you too need, especially if it’s the touchstone.

What would be the “one” you would choose?

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  1. So, what was the one thing that you could do that would empower you for this week, or is that a secret?

    • Very secret! Actually, it’s a competition between (1) thinking less, and (2) having clearer boundaries. So, at the moment the first ‘one’ will have to be deciding which one! Thanks for your comment. It made me smile. And cool blog by the way.

      • Thanks Sandra, yours ain’t ha;f bad either you know. 🙂

        I have a problem where my mind is always racing, thinking of other things when I should be concentrating on the job at hand. Normally it’s not a problem as it’s just churning away in the background, but there are times when the thoughts get in the way some.

        If I was to pick one thing it would be to be able to get one job out the way before starting on another.

  2. Amy

    I keep a note right by my computer that says, “What 1 thing can you do today to make the world a better place.” That one thing doesn’t need to be earth shattering, it could be something as simple as calling a friend to make them smile.

    I like your thinking less goal, I know I could help make the world a better place if I didn’t think so much!

  3. I believe so much in the power on one, not just for personal development, but social changes as well. Really, how else can change begin?

    Recently, I am focusing on sustainable seafood purchasing. If one eats seafood, and I do, this can only be done in an intelligent, informed way.

    By taking this action, I am empowering myself, thereby feeling better about myself and my self worth.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront in our thinking.


    p.s. I know you posted this several months ago, but I am still exploring earlier posts you wrote before I was aware of your blog.

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