The post What’s amiss with out children at Living in a Chemical Soup by guest blogger Alice Shabecoff is a must read for every parent and everyone else who cares about children.

Have you noticed the wide variety of ailments among children these days?  Alice is the co-author with her husband Phillip of the book Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on our Children. She tells us that this generation is different, provides the statistics that illustrate the point, and links these illnesses to living in a newly toxified world.  The numbers she reports are mind-boggling:

Most likely, one of three of the children you know in this generation suffers from a chronic illness. Perhaps it’s cancer, or birth defects, perhaps asthma, or a problem that affects the child’s mind and behavior, such as Downs Syndrome, learning disorders, ADHD or autism. Though one in three may sound exaggerated, unbelievable, the figures are there amidst various government files.

While the statistics are alarming, Alice also offers hope.  She says:

Yet this is not the dispiriting ‘Bad News’ it might seem. It is, actually, a message of hope and optimism. We are fearful only when we are ignorant and powerless. Now that we know what is happening, we can determine not to let it happen further.

Please take a moment to read this important post.  You can even participate in a Pod-cast with Alice at Living in a Chemical Soup next month.